Gudrun Wurlitzer

The managing director of Wurlitzer Architekten GmbH, an architect, urban planner, and interior designer, takes a comprehensive approach to each project. She meticulously designs the building and its surroundings, as well as the interior spaces down to the furniture and lighting concepts.

With a diverse portfolio ranging from corporate buildings to residential areas, Wurlitzer Architekten GmbH has a proven track record of successful projects. Their work includes designing a new neighborhood with 155 apartments in Ettlingen, renovating the offices of the German Employers’ Association in Cologne, and constructing a new facility for Deutsche Steinzeug in Bad Schmiedeberg. Each project, regardless of size, is approached with the same level of dedication and expertise, whether it involves creating a luxurious bathroom for a police officer or installing a discreet library for a lawyer.

With a focus on durability and timeless design, Wurlitzer Architekten GmbH creates buildings that are both elegant and easy to maintain. Our rejection of trendy technological features ensures long-lasting architecture that meets both technical and aesthetic standards. Gudrun Wurlitzer’s intuitive approach goes beyond facts to truly fulfill the project’s requirements.

Our architectural concepts are meticulously crafted to meet diverse requirements such as usage, functionality, cost-effectiveness, ecology, aesthetics, and specific client preferences like corporate identity. These concepts are then translated into a modern and sustainable architectural language, focusing on the unique characteristics of each location (genius loci). Working within historically protected areas showcases the pinnacle of our expertise.

The interior concepts at Wurlitzer Architekten GmbH are designed to be timeless and elegant, focusing on creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for users. From simple concepts with limited budgets to luxurious ideas, each design is refined through careful planning and practicality, with a strong emphasis on the selection of materials, furniture, and lighting. Collaborating with clients on various projects, they have also assisted in procuring contemporary art pieces upon request.

WurlitzerArchitects is a trailblazer in urban planning, introducing innovative concepts that defy traditional norms and create distinctive and picturesque living spaces through cutting-edge building geometries and arrangements. The firm’s groundbreaking approach has already come to fruition with the successful implementation of its first concept in Oberes Albgrün Ettlingen.

Gudrun Wurlitzer, with a diploma from the Technical University of Berlin, has studied and collaborated with Fehling & Gogel and the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Gottfried Böhm. Her extensive experience includes a decade-long tenure on the architectural advisory boards of Nuremberg and Erlangen, in addition to her volunteer work on the University Council of the Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts.
With a heritage rooted in generations of musicians and instrument makers, WURLITZER Architekten GmbH blends classical culture and contemporary art to inspire their work. Their deep connection to the arts, coupled with a history of integrating artistic elements into construction projects, results in a rich cultural influence evident in every project they undertake.

January 2023

Gudrun Wurlitzer

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