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Apartments “Kreuzberg”

New Wooden Building in a Historic City Row

Our innovative wooden apartment building harmoniously blends modern design with the historic charm of the city. Built with eco-friendly timber, it reduces environmental impact while featuring rounded balconies and extensive greenery that add a fresh look. The modern design complements the historic surroundings, with large windows and integrated greenery enhancing the wellbeing of residents.

The building offers open arcades providing secure, friendly access to apartments, and a central, light-filled staircase that promotes visibility and community. This unique aesthetic creates a distinctive, attractive living space within a historic setting, supporting a greener urban future. The welcoming environment with ample natural light and greenery enhances the living experience, while the innovative design increases property value.

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Project Info

Project type:Apartment building
Floors: 8 floors
Appartments: 28
Living space: 2000 sqm (variable)
Commercial space: 600 sqm (variable)

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