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Revitalization of the Town Center of Davos Dorf

Our guiding principle, “Freedom, Dynamism, Stability,” is reflected in our newly redesigned town center, which surprises and delights with its unique architecture. We have consciously chosen to combine ovals and ellipses, as they perfectly embody a symbiosis of stability and dynamism.
The oval, as a universal symbol of the origin and creation of the world, represents for us the freedom of will and thought, as well as political and civil freedom in the state. The elliptical shape, as discovered by Johannes Kepler, symbolizes for us freedom in the cosmos and in science.

In addition to their symbolic meaning, ovals also offer energy-efficient advantages. They enable a compact construction with minimal energy requirements and reduce the need for building materials. For this reason, we decided to construct a large wooden/glass roof that covers the train station, platforms, and bus station, protecting them from weather conditions.

The roof will be constructed using a wood/steel hybrid method, with the main beams made of laminated wood and the edge beams made of steel. The multifunctional steel supports not only bear the roof but also serve as rainwater downpipes and ventilation ducts.

Our goal is to create an unmistakable and unforgettable experience for people with our guiding principle and our innovative town center. We are convinced that our concept unites freedom, dynamism, and stability, thus laying the foundation for a successful future for our town.


Urban Design Ideas and Project Competition

Train Station Building with Canopy, Commercial Spaces, Residential Units, Underground Parking

Davos Dorf, Switzerland

BIld Davos Dorf Bahnhofsvorplatz

Train station forecourt

Bild Davos Dorf Wohngebiet

Residential area

Bild Davos Blick vom Perron

View from the platform

Bild Davos Dorf Perspektive Bahnhof

Train station

Bild Davos Lageplan

Roof plan

Project Info

Client: Gemeinde Davos, Schweiz
Projecttype: Urban Planing, Commercial, Residential
Project participants: Arup GmbH, Berlin,
BSV Büro für Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung, Aachen

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