Wohnen | Wooden Structures

Elevated Elegance:
A Modern Wooden Retreat in the Austrian Alps

This striking wooden house, currently under construction, is designed to harmonize with the dramatic landscape of a steep plot in the Austrian Alps. The architecture embraces modern aesthetics while ensuring functionality and sustainability in a challenging terrain.The house features an elegant, cantilevered roof which supplies protection from the snow. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows dominate the facade, allowing for abundant natural light and offering breathtaking panoramic views of the alpine scenery.

A spacious balcony extends from the main living area, providing an ideal spot for outdoor relaxation and connecting the interior to the natural beauty of the region. The exterior is clad in wood, blending seamlessly with the forested environment, while the structure is elevated on a sturdy base to adapt to the steep slope and ensure stability.

This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also addresses the environmental challenges of building in such a unique location, showcasing innovative architectural solutions to integrate luxury living with nature.

Project Info

Project type: Residential house with carport
Floors: II
Living area: 120qm
Effective floor area: 150qm

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